Blocks with Fences Down

On this page, we will post locations of city blocks where at least one resident has shared backyard space and has asked to announce here that they would like to have more neighbors who want to take down or change their fences.

If you own or rent a home with a backyard, please see the request for postings at the “Blocks with Potential” page.

Cohousing homes for sale or rent are listed at

Openings in cohousing and other intentional communities are listed at

Single mothers interested in house sharing can find other such mothers at

The Fellowship for Intentional Community maintains a worldwide directory of established and forming intentional communities that have names:

You can display that directory by community type (cohousing, communes, co-ops, ecovillages); geography; or status (established or forming). You can also search for the words “Retrofit” and “Retrofitting” to find blocks that already have some fences down, as well as groups of people who want to buy property on the same block and take down fences.

Also, see “Existing Greens” at

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