Self-Directed Learning

Literature and Video

“Education: Class Dismissed” (Psychology Today article about Sudbury Valley School)

Education Revolution, published by the Alternative Education Resource Organization

“Freedom to Learn: The roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning,” Peter Gray’s blog at Psychology Today

Learn Free, a short video about unschooling

“Self-directed Learning”

Sudbury Valley School (video on home page of democratic school founded in 1968 in Framingham, MA)

Organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area

Brightworks (a school in San Francisco with mixed ages and more self-directed learning than most schools)

Diablo Valley School (a Sudbury-model school in Concord, CA)

Diablo Valley Unschooling Co-op (founded in Pleasant Hill, CA)

Kids Out in Daylight (!) Homeschoolers (Alameda, CA)

San Francisco Homeschoolers (an inclusive group that meets for weekly park days and other events)

SF Bay Unschooling Network

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