Blocks with Potential

On this page, we will post locations of city blocks where at least one resident has asked to announce here that they would like to take down or change fences between their backyard and their neighbors’ backyards. (For example, they might want to take down a tall fence at the back of their property and put up a low picket fence about 3 feet from the back of their house to protect a garden.)

If you own or rent a home with a backyard and would like to have neighbors who want to share backyard space, please click here to ask us to post the location of your block (or to ask for more information). We won’t post addresses or people’s names, but it would be useful to post the names of the surrounding streets, or at least the city and ZIP code. That way, people who want to share backyards can start researching your area (and perhaps ask us to forward email to you if you want that) to prepare for the time when a home on your block becomes available. Some people might even want to make an offer to someone on your block who has not advertised a house for sale or rent.

Other useful information for a posting about your block:

  • What sorts of things you might like to share with your neighbors, such as outdoor furniture, toys, tools, exercise equipment, plants, cisterns, graywater equipment, occasional meals, or even some indoor space (perhaps some unused garage spaces that could be remodeled to be used as a play room, game room, library, and guest room)
  • How you feel about outdoor pets and whether you have any
  • Your estimate of the ages of the children on your block (with permission from their parents)
  • Whether you know of any home-educated children on your block (with permission from their parents)
  • Walkability of your block to stores, restaurants, post office, parks, etc.

When any property on your block goes up for sale or rent (or when you know of neighbors who might be interested in selling or renting their property), please let us know about it so that we can make an announcement to the people who have told us they are interested in your area.


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